Amy Winehouse burnt her eyelids after falling asleep on her sunbed.

The 25-year-old singer was left with "raw and puffy" eyes after she dozed off under the ultraviolet lights in the sunbed installed in her home last weekend.

A source said: "As it was, she emerged badly burnt, with her eyes particularly affected. Within an hour, her eyelids were red raw and puffy, and she was feeling in real pain. She wanted to call the doctor but was a little embarrassed."

The 'Rehab' star - who has recently returned from a long break in St Lucia - failed to stay awake on the tanning machine because she was tired after a late night out with friends.

The source explained: "She's developed quite a solid base colour from her two-month holiday in St. Lucia so assumed she'd be fine. Sadly, she'd had a bit of a heavy night the evening before and was a little too relaxed by the time she clambered into the bed - and promptly fell asleep."

Fortunately for the embarrassed star her injuries weren't too severe because of a safety feature on the bed.

The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Luckily, the bed has an automatic timer which goes off after 20 minutes - otherwise the results could have been really horrific. Poor Amy is mortified. Not to mention very sore."

This is not the first time that Amy has overdone it on the sunbed.

Last summer, friends raised concerns over her obsession with having bronzed skin.

One pal said: "Amy can't do anything by halves. Recently she has been going for it on the sunbed, but she won't be told. Over the years Amy has been addicted to alcohol, all sorts of drugs, men and even knitting. Why can't she take up squash or something?"