THE STROKES have announced that they have started work on their fourth album.

Frontman Julian Casablancas and bassist Nick Valensi have started writing new material for the forthcoming album which they will begin work on next month.

Drummer Fabrizio Moretti said although the band had not finalised details about the follow-up to 2006's First Impressions of Earth, the songwriting process had begun.

Speaking after a gig with his side project Little Joy, he told BBC6music: "Julian has started writing and Nick has got some material as well.
"We're the kind of band that it's not finished until everyone's in one room and everyone's got their parts perfectly. We're a very mechanical band."

As previously revealed by NME.COM, the band are set to reconvene in February for album sessions.

Moretti added: "I don't think it's a reunion, we're constantly in each other's lives."