Zac Efron says girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens makes him a “better person”.

The 20-year-old heartthrob – who met Vanessa on the set of Disney movie ‘High School Musical’ in 2006 – claims their relationship completes him.

He said: “You can’t describe the feeling of being in love – when you meet someone who makes you a better person.”

Zac and Vanessa – who play basketball star Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez respectively in the hit movie franchise – were voted the Favourite Couple of 2008 last month.

The sweethearts topped the list of the best pairings of the year compiled by

A writer for the website explained: "They rode the little-TV-movie-that-could, 'High School Musical,' to box office gold and worldwide fame in 2008. And they have perfect teeth. But their love cannot last post-'High School Musical', as their careers pull them apart, forever.

"So appreciate them now, while their love burns with the heat of a million flashbulbs. Congratulations to our Favourite Couple of 2008!"

Zac and Vanessa were closely followed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who made it into second place.