Brandy Kazakian-Rowe, well respected as a chronicler of the Mississippi Blues scene has rediscovered her love for photography with a new exhibit featuring the Portland Jazz scene.

In her own words:

"In the past few months I have immersed myself in Portland Jazz as I did in Delta Blues in 2005. Meeting the men and women in Portland's Jazz world has inspired me to once again pick up my camera and document the musical world they have created. I have met some of the most dedicated and mind blowing musicians in the past several months, these musicians are true artists, wholly dedicated to their art forms.

It is my goal to document as fully as possible the lives of these musicians, many teach high school and college classes in music, lead youth symphonies and orchestras, head and are members of several ensembles and tour festivals and clubs. ... it is my aim to culminate this project in a published book of photographs, including quotes and stories from the musicians themselves. To share these images with people across America, I also plan to submit the series to the Jazz Museum in St. Louis as well as the Harlem Jazz Museum."