CANADIAN rock band Nickelback have banned a new album track from being played on British radio because they think it's too raunchy.

They said the song, Something In Your Mouth, contains lyrics that "prudish" Brits would find far to rude, and as a result, their record label Roadrunner, have pulled it from the airwaves in the UK.

The three-minute song, which appears on their new album, Dark Horse, includes the chorus: "You're ripping up the dance floor honey, you shake your ass around for everyone.
"I love the way you dance with anybody and tease them all by sucking on your thumb. You're so much cooler when you never pull it out, cuz you look so much cuter with something in your mouth!"

But outraged presenters on rock station Kerrang! Radio yesterday launched a campaign to get the track, which is allowed to be played on US radio stations, on Britain's airwaves.

Evening presenters Christian Stevenson and Loz reckon Brits are should demand the right to listen to smut as they are made of sterner stuff.

Loz said "The message that Kerrang! Radio is sending to Nickelback is bring it on! We think it's a great track and it doesn't offend me."

Christian, who hails from America, added "Yes the lyrics are suggestive, but the great thing about suggestive is that stuff is only as dirty as the mind of the listener.
"This track can only offend someone who is dirty minded!"

Listeners agreed and called in to their show in their droves to back the campaign.
One fan said: "A little too racy for British radio? Sorry, but the lyrics in this song probably aren't even as 'racy' as songs by bands such as the Sugababes or Girls Aloud who sing about not only sex, but promote promiscuity to a much younger audience."