The new U2 song is now online. (Well, at least the drum part is). Larry Mullen Jr can be viewed laying down the drum beat for the new U2 single `Sexy Boots` now at their website.

`Sexy Boots` will be the first single from album, which expected to be called `No Line On The Horizon`.

The band has already been behind a well-hyped publicity stunt to raise awareness of the album. Bono “accidentally” played the new album very loud through an open window, a fan heard it, recorded it and before you knew it, fans all over the world were doing their own versions of the `Sexy Boots` riff and putting it on YouTube.

You have to say one thing; Bono does deserve a marketing award for that.

`No Line On The Horizon` will be released in November, which means that before the year is out we will hear new albums from U2, Metallica, AC/DC and possibly Guns `N Roses.

Listen to Larry laying down the drums for Sexy Boots at