Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have stopped the release of Beatles film 'Let It Be'.

The 1970 documentary reveals tensions between the Fab Four - Paul, Ringo and the late John Lennon and George Harrison - shortly before their break-up, and insiders at the band's record company, Apple, claim the two surviving members do not want it re-released.

A source said: "There has been talk of 'Let It Be' finally being released but now there has been a change of heart. The Beatles are still a massive global brand and it's felt it won't be helped if the public sees the darker side of the story.

Neither Paul nor Ringo would feel comfortable publicising a film showing The Beatles getting on each other's nerves."

The film was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and shows the group recording the album of the same name, which eventually became their final studio release.

The group's internal relations were at an all-time low during the making of the LP and recording sessions were fraught with internal squabbles.

George Harrison took exception to Paul criticising his guitar playing, while John Lennon appeared disinterested during the entire process - preferring to spend his time with his wife Yoko Ono.

Although the LP was their final release, the group were so disappointed with 'Let It Be' they recorded masterpiece 'Abbey Road' afterwards and released it before the much-maligned record.

The source added to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "People like to imagine The Beatles were a happy ship but the reality towards the end was very different as this film shows. There's all sorts of extra footage showing more squabbles but it's unlikely it will ever see the light of day in Paul and Ringo's lifetime."