Meryl Streep has denied the existence of a feud with Madonna over the movie musical ‘Evita’ in 1996, blaming the continuation of the rumour on the internet.

The legendary actress, reportedly annoyed at losing the lead role to Madonna, allegedly lashed out at the pop star in an interview with the New York Times in 1991 saying, “I could rip her [Madonna's] throat out. I can sing better than she can, if that counts for anything.”

However, Streep denies ever making the comments telling USA Today, “No, I didn’t say it. That’s one of those things you can never erase from whatever it is, the Internet. Why would I say that'”

She explains, “I was out of the running by the time they got the movie together. It’s a fabulous story, though. Oh, and I don’t think I can sing better than her. And I certainly can’t dance better.”

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