Noel Gallagher is set to have a knee replacement after being hit with arthritis.

The Oasis singer will undergo surgery later this year.

Noel, 57, has reportedly been in pain from the condition for a while. His brother Liam, 51, also suffers from arthritis and had a hip replacement in April.

The singer confirmed the news on Matt Morgans's podcast. "I've got bad knees actually," he said. "I've got to have an operation on my f***ing knee."

Noel will continue to play with his band, The High Flying Birds, before taking a break in August to go on holiday ahead of the operation.

After Liam had his operation last year, he took to social media to reassure fans it wouldn't affect his performances.

"Morning Rastas so I had my Hip operation last wk all went well and RESPEK to all the doctors n nurses who looked after me Big shout out to the A team for getting us home safe n sound." He added, "I'm getting my physio to study old videos of my walk so we don't miss a trick the comeback is real."

Noel and Liam haven't spoken since 2009 when Oasis performed their final concert in Paris. They had an argument backstage and haven't managed to resolve their differences.

Liam, 51, is currently on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Oasis' album, Definitely Maybe.

In June, he dedicated a track to Noel. "So I'm gonna dedicate this next tune to my little brother, who's still playing hard to get," he said. "But that's alright. Word on the street is he was spotted in a really posh chocolate shop - one of them Thorntons - buying some chocolates. So you never know! D'you know what I mean."

Last year, Liam claimed he had asked Noel to join him on the tour, writing on X, "He's been asked and he's refused."