Cardi B is being sued by musical artists who claim she sampled their track on her song, Enough (Miami).

Joshua Fraustro and Miguel Aguilar, known as Kemika 1956, have say the superstar used their 2021 track Greasy Frybread in her 2024 hit without getting their permission first.

They're seeking "substantial damages" of $50 million (£39.2 million) for the economic impact, as well as the impact on their reputation as artists, and commercial viability.

"Cardi B, along with other Defendants, has used the song in her new album without permission in addition to distributing it and performing it," the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ states.

Producers OG Parker and DJ SwanQo, and record companies Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group are also named in the documents.

Enough (Miami) was released by 31-year-old Cardi B in March of this year. It debuted at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, and racked up 14.5 million streams and 8.8 million radio listeners in it's first three weeks of release. It's had a total of 30 million views on YouTube in the past four months, according to Billboard.

Greasy Frybread was first released in November 2021 and was used as a promotional track for show Reservation Dogs.

In May, Cardi B told fans she wasn't planning to release her second album this year, telling fans on X, "Anyway NO album this year I don't care I'm relaxing this year..Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer."

However, in June, she asked fans, "What y'all think my album name is?" while appearing to cover a name on her computer with her hand.