Sex Pistols star John Lydon is embroiled in a family feud following his father's death on Friday night (25.01.08).

The 52-year-old 'God Save The Queen' rocker, whose real name is John Lydon, blames his father's long-term partner Mary Irwin for his death. Lydon has vowed to "cut" Mary out of funeral arrangements because he believes his 74-year-old father's heart attack was caused by having an argument with Mary's son Gary from her first marriage.

Mary, 75, told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "John didn't want Gary to live with us. He called the police to say he wanted them to help him get rid of Gary. He then went outside and collapsed next to our fence. We tried to resuscitate him but it was too late.

"Doctors later told us he has a bad heart. He had been on blood pressure tablets for 25 years and had high cholesterol. "John said to me, 'How can a fit man die of a heart attack?' He was really aggressive and implied it was my fault. I ended up putting the phone down on him. My John was not a fit man, he was ill. His mind was going too. I think John is trying to cut me out now. It's just too awful for words."

As well as banning Mary and Gary from being involved with any funeral arrangements, Lydon has also reportedly ordered doctors not to give them any details of his father's post-mortem. A spokesperson for Lydon, who is currently flying back to Britain from Los Angeles, could not be reached for comment.