Lana Del Rey and Quavo have shared a teaser of their new song.

The 38-year-old singer has a collaboration with the 33-year-old former Migos star on the way called 'Tough.

The pair sing: “Tough like the scarf on a pair of old leather boots / Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude / Like a .38 made out of brass / Tough like the stuff in my grandpa’s glass / Life’s gonna do what it does/ Sure as the good lord’s up above / Cut like a diamond shining in the rough, tough.”

Quavo previously teased the unexpected release back in May.

No release date has been shared yet.

Lana is preparing to release her country record 'Lasso', in September, but it's not known if 'Tough' will feature on that or be for Quavo.

The 'Sad Girl' singer worked with regular collaborator Jack Antonoff and country music maker Luke Laird on the new tunes.

Speaking at Billboard’s pre-Grammy event in Los Angeles earlier this year, she teased: ”If you can’t already tell by our award winners and our performers, the music business is going country. We’re going country. It’s happening.

“That’s why Jack has followed me to Muscle Shoals, Nashville, Mississippi, over the last four years.”

In an Instagram video, she spilled: "Jack's [Antonoff] in town, I'm going to see him work on some little songs. I've had a really beautiful week with [songwriter and producer] Luke Laird."

The prolific star's last studio album was 2023's 'Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd'.

Last year also saw the 'Cinnamon Girl' singer drop her leaked track, ‘Say Yes To Heaven’.

The standalone single was penned with Rick Nowels way back in 2012 and fell victim to a leak that saw the tune go viral on TikTok.