A lawsuit against Madonna has been dismissed by the judge.

The singer is off the hook over her alleged breach of contract with concertgoers, with plaintiffs Michael Fellows and Jason Alvarez deciding to voluntarily dismiss their class-action lawsuit.

The pair had launched the legal action against Madonna, 65, over shows she put on at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, in December 2023.

They argued that while she was scheduled to start her performances at 8:30pm, she did not take to the stage until roughly two hours later, and this constituted a breach of the contractual agreement she had made with ticket holders.

Now, however, the case has been dismissed by a judge after the suit was withdrawn.

Madonna's legal team had previously described the lawsuit as a "harassment campaign" against her and argued true fans would be aware Madonna consistently arrives late to the stage at her concerts.

"If a fan is familiar enough with Madonna's concert history to know her performances run for two hours and fifteen minutes, that fan would surely know that Madonna typically takes the stage well after the ticketed event time (after an opening act, set transition, and so on) and plays late into the night," her lawyers wrote in a dismissal claim supplied to the court.