Billie Eilish is said to have scaled London’s O2 Arena to celebrate reaching No1 in the UK charts with her album ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’.

The 22-year-old singer reportedly climbed the landmark with six of her team to thank them for their hard work on the record, according to The Sun.

A source told the publication: “Billie wanted to do something different to mark her third No1 and to reward the people she works with.

“They donned all the gear including climbing boots and hi-vis jackets and walked across the building’s roof as part of the ‘Up at the O2’ experience.

“They were able to see all across London without being disturbed, which is pretty special for someone as famous as her.

“Of course she’s played at The O2 loads of times before, but making it on to the roof was a first for her.”

The UK leg of Billie’s upcoming gigs are said to include six nights at London’s O2 arena

Her reported daredevil stunt comes in the wake of Billie showing off a huge dragon tattoo – after once saying fans would “never” see her body art.

The ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer posted a video on Instagram showing her gyrating as she held onto the arms of a desk chair while revealing the tip of a dragon design and wearing a T-shirt featuring an angel from Raphael’s Sistine Chapel painting.

Billie was in a cluttered room while filming the clip.

She said in 2020 her tattoos would stay secret, but the Grammy winner revealed part of an enormous inking she referred to as the “big boy” in a 2021 Vanity Fair interview during a photoshoot for Vogue the same year,

Billie also displayed a section of a dragon’s tail inking under a high-slitted gown she wore to the Met Gala afterparty in 2021.

The design features an open-mouthed dragon and starts at the side of belly button, wrapping down her hip and upper thigh.

Billie has several other tatts including “some fairies that are from a book that I had growing up – a little fairy book called ‘Fairyopolis’” on her hand and wrist.

She has said she has three tattoos including a design on her chest “that says ‘Eilish.’”