Noel Gallagher refuses to watch football with his Liverpool-supporting High Flying Birds bandmates.

The die-hard Manchester City supporter, 57, says four of his colleagues support the Reds and he can no longer bear being in the same room as them when football matches are on.

He told The Athletic magazine: “Oh, it’s tense… the drummer, Chris, is a Liverpool fan. Two of the brass section are Liverpool fans and my guitar tech is a Liverpool fan.

“When the rivalry first started, before the arrival of (Man City manager Pep) Guardiola, we watched the games together.

“And then one night – I think it was the Champions League quarter-final – it got a bit out of hand.

“The Scousers celebrated a little too much and a little too close to my personal space.

“And I was like, ‘I will f****** fire someone here’.

“So now we watch the games separately and we’re not allowed to mention it.”

Noel also revealed his beloved Man City club once wanted Oasis to invest in the team.

He said: “They wanted us to put money into the club. I remember my manager asking if we wanted to do it.

“At the height of Oasis, there were always City fans asking me, ‘Why don’t you invest in the club?’.

“But it never happened and I’d tell them the same thing every time: ‘Because I haven’t worked all my life for you lot to start throwing s*** at my windows after a 0-0 draw at York’.”

Noel also said in his chat with The Athletic he got his famous crooked nose after being knocked out by a football hooligan.

The former Oasis guitarist travelled up and down the country with his friends to follow his beloved Man City in the 1980s, and said about the scraps they got themselves into: “I got into a lot of scrapes. One minute I was walking past this bus shelter and the next thing, I was waking up in the bus shelter.

“I’d got two black eyes and a busted nose. I never went to get my nose fixed – that’s why it’s still crooked now.”