Sean Paul has opened up about the beginning of his successful friendship with Beyoncé.

The musical pair enjoyed international success when their 2003 single Baby Boy topped charts around the world.

And now Sean has explained how their friendship began back when they were both unknown stars.

He told The Hollywood Reporter, "She opened on a show here in Jamaica with (Destiny's Child). They only had one song and I was on that same show, so that's where we all met. And knowing that she called me back a couple of years later for her first other project was awesome."

He recalled of their chart smash, "I was writing my part of the song in the back of my house underneath a mango tree. And while I'm writing my verse, a mango falls out the tree and falls straight through the window (of my car) into my lap. And I was like, 'That must mean that this song is a sweet song'."

Sean also praised Beyoncé for the huge impact she has made on the music world.

He said, "And one thing that I do recall about that time was being very proud that she used a dancehall-oriented track. Because at the time, people were hollering at me to do collabs - I was (working) with Busta Rhymes, I was doing stuff with Clipse and I was doing stuff with Blu Cantrell - and all of those stuff was very dope but they were more hip-hop oriented, and this was such a big artist and she was stepping out on her own.

"So it really made me feel that dancehall-style was coming into its own and that my music or my genre was being accepted by a lot of people. Coming from Texas, I know she's heard a lot of dancehall growing up and (was) familiar with that whole vibe, so it made sense to me and it made history for both of us."