Glastonbury festival fans might be disappointed to hear that the annual event will have a year off in 2026.

Fans will need to rush to get tickets for the 2025 season to avoid disappointment as the following event is unlikely to be before 2027.

Explaining the reason for the break, festival co-organiser Emily Eavis told the BBC's Sidetracked podcast, "We are due a fallow year. The fallow year is important because it gives the land a rest, and it gives the cows a chance to stay out for longer and reclaim their land.

"I think it's important, I think it gives everybody time to just switch off and the public as well. Then you kind of go away for a bit and it feels lovely when you come back. And I think it's quite good not to be seen to be cashing in."

Emily went on to explain her father, Michael Evis, almost cancelled the festival indefinitely in the 1990s - but vowed to carry on after his wife Jean died in 1999.

Emily recalled, "My dad was like, 'Oh, I think I might need the festival now'. Because they were going to retire and go on long cruises and things like that. My dad was like, 'Listen, let's keep it going.' I was like, 'Yeah, I'll help you'. Never did I think I'd still be here a few decades on."

The 2025 festival will take place at the end of this month with headline performances scheduled from Coldplay, Dua Lipa, SZA and Shania Twain.