Jon Bon Jovi is open to Richie Sambora rejoining his band after more than a decade of estrangement.

Sambora, 64, revealed last month he'd love to rejoin Bon Jovi if and when their frontman Jon, 62, gets his voice back after vocal surgery.

Jon is non-committal, but says the door is open, telling Entertainment Weekly: "You never say never. I mean, he quit the band 11-plus years ago, and he's had to deal with a lot of things in his life. But there's no animosity."

The current members of Bon Jovi put out their 16th album, Forever, but are yet to book a tour due to Jon's recuperation. The rocker has hinted he may never tour again if he does not feel his voice has fully recovered.

Sambora left the band when he failed to fly to Calgary, Alberta, for a gig in 2013. He subsequently entered rehab for alcohol abuse and exhaustion.

The guitarist mooted a reunion on The Allison Hagendorf Show, saying, "The fans will just love it," and adding that he and Jon had "talked about" a possible reunion.

Since leaving the band in 2013, Sambora has only played with them 2018 - at Bon Jovi's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.