Danny O’Donoghue from The Script joined Ronan and Harriet on Magic Radio Breakfast to talk about the band’s new single ‘Both Ways’ alongside how it has been recording the new album without bandmate Mark Sheehan, who tragically passed away in April 2023.

Talking to the Magic Radio Breakfast presenters Danny revealed that it wasn’t until after Christmas that he managed to get himself back to writing and beginning to think about recording again.

“I couldn’t articulate, I couldn’t write anything for literally seven to eight months,” said the singer. “You know I started hitting the drink pretty hard and just really went off the rails. As you do I guess during those situations and then it would have been around Christmas time I’d had my fill of Guinness, you know back home in Ireland, and I got back here on the 27th, so I got back home to my house where I live in London and I just went that’s it, finished. I’m finished drinking, I’m finished feeling sorry for myself. It’s not what he would have wanted.”

Danny commented that the album itself is still representative of someone going through that trauma saying, “We were never going to replace Mark and you know achieve what that same thing was so let’s change the formation of the band. So now were a four piece and the album itself I guess what you hear is somebody coming out of that depression … I still feel like I’m in the middle of it, so I still feel like I’m writing it as its happening, so you know there’s a tribute to Mark on there.”

Whilst talking about the sad similarities of their bands, with Boyzone having also lost member Stephen Gately to soon, Ronan revealed that The Script’s music had actually played a large part in his relationship with wife Storm.

“My wife and I our first gig was with you (The Script) in Sydney,” said the Magic Radio Breakfast presenter. “First gig we went to together the two of us. Your songs are very important to us. I was living in Ireland, and she was living in Australia and we kind of shared music across the sky. It was a connection. There is a whole load of The Script songs that played a part in that for us.”

With a new album coming out and the American leg of Pinks tour coming up as well Danny has a busy few months planned but when asked by Harriet the Irish singer said he would still go back to The Voice if asked.

“Yeah, I loved it … I’d definitely do it again. I really enjoyed it. I never wanted to be a talking head, you know be famous for the sake of being famous, but when it comes down to music from watching me on the show you can tell I just live and breathe it.”

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