An attempted intruder was arrested outside of Drake's home a day after his security guard was shot at the same location.

Toronto Police returned to the rapper's mansion in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday afternoon over an attempted intruder.

"Officers were called after a person attempted to gain access to the property," a police spokesperson told Toronto's CityNews. "The person was apprehended under the Mental Health Act."

The intruder incident occurred a day after one of Drake's security team was shot while guarding the gates of the property around 2am on Tuesday. The victim is still hospitalised.

Toronto Police Duty Inspector Paul Krawczyk said on Tuesday that it wasn't clear if the Canadian rapper was at home when the drive-by shooting took place.

He also said it was too early to say if the incident was connected to Drake's ongoing rap feud with Kendrick Lamar.

The pair have exchanged a series of diss tracks against each other recently, with the songs featuring increasingly personal insults. On Not Like Us, which Lamar released last week, he claimed Drake was a sexual offender and used a Google Maps image of Drake's home as the cover art. Drake denied the allegations in his response, The Heart Part 6, on Sunday.

Earlier this week, The Roots star Questlove weighed in on the rap beef in a scathing Instagram post.

"Nobody won the war. This wasn't about skill," he wrote. "This was a wrestling match level mudslinging and takedown by any means necessary - women & children (& actual facts) be damned. Same audience wanting blood will soon put up 'rip' posts like they weren't part of the problem. Hip-hop is truly dead."