Chris Frantz has teased Talking Heads’ return.

The 72-year-old drummer, who played in the iconic band alongside Tina Weymouth, Jerry Harrison and David Byrne, saw the group break up in December 1991 after frontman Byrne left the band but has now offered a hint on social media that the 'Once in a Lifetime' artists could be set for a comeback.

Taking to Instagram, Chris posted a photo of a theatre with the band headlining it, and captioned the picture: “We shall return.”

Reflecting on the end of Talking Heads, Chris explained he only found out that Byrne was leaving the band after reading the story in a newspaper.

He told the Los Angeles Times: “As far as we're concerned, the band never really broke up. David just decided to leave.”

Byrne admits that he regretted the way he left the group even though it was "inevitable" that it was going to happen.

During an interview with People, he said: “I think [the end] wasn’t handled well. It was kind of ugly. I have regrets on how that was handled.

“I don’t think I did it in the best way, but I think it was kind of inevitable that would happen anyway.”

David conceded he acted like a “little tyrant” during his time in the group.

The 71-year-old star explained: “As a younger person, I was not as pleasant to be around. When I was working on some Talking Heads shows, I was more of a little tyrant.

“And then I learned to relax, and I also learned that collaborating with people, both sides get more if there’s a good relationship instead of me telling everybody what to do.”