Jess Glynne has claimed that her music career was saved by her song ‘Promise Me’.

The 34-year-old ‘Rather Be’ chart-topper revealed she considered quitting the music industry due to the online criticism she was facing, though found the strength to carry on after writing the track - which features on her newly-released record ‘JESS’.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: “One of my favourite memories is probably when I was in LA having like a really hard time and really struggling and feeling very vulnerable.

“I was in my hotel room, going into the studio with [producer] Greg Kurstin and this song just kind of fell out.

“It’s just one of my favourite memories of walking out that day with a song that I couldn’t have been prouder of.

“It’s a message to myself, essentially, to remind myself that I am enough.”

Jess had previously opened up about her struggles in dealing with trolls online, and admitted she nearly threw in the towel because of the "scrutiny" placed on her as somebody in the public eye.

Speaking to The Independent, she said: “The amount that I’ve put in and the self-belief and the fight and the battles [I’ve gone through with] myself and with people around me to get to where I am, I was like, ‘Nah man, you can’t throw it all away.’”

‘JESS’ marks the ‘Hold My Hand’ singer’s first album in six years, and the artist said she hoped her work would allow the world to “understand the person” she is after feeling that she has been “misunderstood”.

She explained: “I feel like I have been misunderstood and I think that’s something that I don’t want to continue in my career.

"I want people to listen to my records and understand where they’ve come from, and understand the person that I am.”