The woman who stalked pop star Harry Styles has been jailed.

She has also been banned from attending his gigs.

Brazilian woman Myra Carvalho sent the Lights Up singer 8,000 cards and handwritten letters in less than a month while in the UK.

Some of the cards were wedding-themed, and two of the letters were hand-delivered to the pop star’s address, Harrow Crown Court was told, as reported by the BBC.

The charge said her actions had a “substantial adverse effect” on the star’s “usual day-to-day activities” and she was told she “knew, or ought to have known, your course of conduct would cause alarm or distress”.

Carvalho was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison after pleading guilty.

She was also given a restraining order that will last 10 years, and was banned from attending any event where Styles is performing.

Court documents revealed Carvalho was staying in a backpackers hostel in west London, after arriving in the UK in December 2023.

Her family was not aware that she had left for the UK.

While at the court, she admitted to one charge of stalking involving serious alarm or distress.

Carvalho was ordered not to contact the Watermelon Sugar singer either directly or indirectly, and was barred from entering a specific area of north-west London.

She must also pay a victim surcharge of $167 (£134).