Paris Jackson thinks her new music might "be hard for some people to hear".

The 26-year-old singer - who is the only daughter of late King of Pop Michael Jackson - has been working on the follow-up to her 2020 debut LP 'Wilted', and she admitted her candid lyrics might mean "the public" will be hit hard by her new material.

She told Jade Iovine on the 'Live From Bed' podcast: "I mean, is some of it going to be hard for some people to hear?

"For sure, yeah, because what I'm talking about is a lot of touchy things... Some people might have a hard time."

She pointed out that she doesn't find the material challenging herself because she's lived through it, while her own friends already know her "story".

She added: "All of my close friends know my story. I'm an open book with all of my friends."

Paris admitted she often draws on "pain or heartbreak or loneliness" for her music, while this time round she has been influenced by her collaboration with songwriter and producer Linda Perry.

They both decided: "'Let's make something loud and let's make something fun and let's also make something a little more specific.'"

Meanwhile, the 59-year-old musician encouraged Paris to not be so "vague" or "fake deep" with her lyrics.

She added: "Like, it's a very specific thing that I go for and she just [says], 'Be more specific with your words because I can't understand what you're saying.' "

Although there isn't a release date set for her upcoming untitled record, she hopes it will drop "ideally this year".

The release will follow last year's singles 'bandaid' and 'hit your knees', but it's not yet known if either song will be part of the LP.