Kate Hudson has announced her debut album Glorious.

On Wednesday, the actress, 44, revealed the title and release date of her forthcoming debut album, Glorious.

Alongside her announcement, Kate dropped a brand new single called Gonna Find Out.

"I'd say it doesn't seem real," the Oscar-nominated actress said of the album in a statement. "But the truth is: this is realer to me than anything I've done in my entire life. It was always this, I just needed to get to a place where I was ready... and the songs got to the core of who I am."

In the statement, the Almost Famous star explained that the 12-track album has been in the works for several years.

"When it comes to talking about where this album comes from, the years I've spent quietly making music and living inside the songs, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop talking about it," she shared. "I'm just thrilled so many smart people want to talk to me about Glorious - and the process of making my first record."

Gonna Find Out follows Kate's singles Talk About Love and Live Forever, which were released earlier this year.

"I wanted something that was sexy and delicious, vulnerable and strong, willing and fearless - and especially gloriously in love with the way life takes you on this journey if you'll just show up and be open," Kate continued of the new music. "I wanted songs that could reach across all that, and that is a lot to cover."

Glorious is set to be released on 17 May.