Chloe Stroll made her UK performance debut at the exclusive The Arts Club in London’s Mayfair last night, performing a 7 song set for assembled media, family and friends.

The 29 year old sang 7 songs, accompanied by piano, including covers of Lewis Capaldi (‘Forever’) and Billie Eilish (‘ My Future‘). Her original songs were ‘Thin Air’, ‘Never Get Enough’, ‘Homesick’, ‘Love in the Dark’, ‘Water Over Sand’ and recent single ‘Dizzy’.

Amongst the audience were her father, Lawrence S. Stroll, owner of the Aston Martin F1 team and part owner of Aston Martin, and her brother Lance Stroll, driver for the team, who flew over especially from Japan to support Chloe. Also in the crowd was her husband, Scotty James, Australian Olympic snowboarder and the inspiration for many of Chloe’s songs.

Chloe captivated guests in a spellbinding performance, taking them on a musical journey through her current works. The Canadian singer-songwriter mastered both emotional ballads like “Homesick”, and more upbeat songs like “Dizzy”. Throughout, she showed everyone her vocal brilliance, particularly when she hit an incredible belt in Lewis Capaldi’s, “Forever”, bringing everyone to their feet in applause. The always authentic and down-to-earth Chloe ended her set saying, ‘It has been so fun and amazing to share my music with you, so truly thank you so much for being here’.

Prior to her first UK performance, Chloe had her national, US television debut of song “Pedestal” on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Performing with a pianist, her powerful vocals wowed audiences.

After Chloe took the prime-time US show by storm, she released a transcendent new single, “Dizzy”. Stroll performed the single live on Good Day New York.

Stroll worked alongside songwriters Kevin Bard and Geoff Warburton to write and produce, ‘Dizzy,’ a song she feels is much lighter than her previous releases. “This song is about being in love, letting loose and having fun. It’s that vibe you get when you and your partner are together on the dance floor enjoying yourselves, feeling a little dizzy, tipsy and in love,” Stroll said.

Music News caught up with Chloe after the show, view our exclusive uncut interview below.

Chloe Stroll is a songwriting force whose earnest, raw storytelling and sparkling vocals captivates listeners and offers us all a place of solace, healing, and ultimately, joy. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Chloe developed an unwavering passion for music, writing her very first song at the tender age of seven. While she went on to work on other ventures, music remained a constant gravitational force, tugging at Stroll's heart and mind. Now, Chloe is embracing the singer she has always aspired to be and writing the profound songs that capture her life experiences. "Dizzy" is one of many soul-stirring tracks she has poured her heart and soul into, embodying a life where music perpetually takes center stage.