Travis Kelce says he’s “oozing life” following Bahamas trip with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City footballer is walking on air following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII victory.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” Kelce told People magazine. “I’m a guy that — some people say is glass half full, half empty — and my glass is all the way full. It’s all the way full.”

The athlete talked about all the opportunities that have come his way since winning the Super Bowl in February — Kelce’s third Super Bowl win with the Chiefs in the past five years.

“It’s just so much fun,” Kelce gushed. “I’ve just been going through all these open doors, experiencing life and just appreciating the people that have got me here and also staying high and meeting new faces.”

In addition to his success on the field, Kelce’s personal life has also been a dream thanks to his relationship with singer Taylor Swift, with whom he took a beachy getaway to the Bahamas last month.

“It doesn’t feel like there’s much chill in my life,” Kelce told People. “Everything seems to be full throttle and just moving at the speed of light, and that’s how I kind of like it.”