Hunter Schafer has confirmed that she previously dated Rosalía.

In a new interview with GQ, the 25-year-old star revealed that she was in a five-month relationship with the Spanish hitmaker in 2019.

Speaking to the publication, the Euphoria star explained that she and Rosalía, 31, started hanging out as friends before their relationship developed into something romantic.

"I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with," Hunter said, adding that Rosalía is "family no matter what".

"It's been so much speculation for so long," Hunter continued. "Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, 'It's none of anybody's f**king business!'"

She noted, "It's something I'm happy to share. And I think she feels that way too."

During the interview, Hunter confirmed that she is currently single.

"I'm still in some ways healing from the last thing," she said, seemingly referring to her recent relationship with her Euphoria co-star Dominic Fike. "I want to make sure I'm good all the way before I jump into something else."

The Cuckoo actress shared that her relationship with Dominic allowed her to "work through a lot of the feelings of disdain that I had towards men as a whole".

"I think it had inhibited a lot of my friendships with men, and a lot of that came down as well. I had a really beautiful relationship with (Dominic), and it really opened me up in that way," she confessed.

Hunter and Dominic sparked romance rumours in January 2022 when they were spotted holding hands. Dominic then confirmed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in July 2023 that they had split.