Charli XCX's upcoming album, 'Brat', is "quite different" for her.

The 'Hot In It' singer has revealed she approached the lyrics on her follow-up to 2022's 'Crash - which is for all the ravers - as if she was texting her mates to have a gossip.

She told Vogue Singapore in a cover interview for the Pop issue: “Lyrically, this is quite a different record for me. I’ve written the songs almost in the way I would write texts to my friends or based on things I would say to them on FaceTime. We talk a lot about pop culture and music, and it’s been really fun to gossip about the songs we go. They’ll ask ‘Oh, who is this one about? Is this about a friend? Is it about an ex?’ It has fuelled this fun, gossipy narrative which permeates the album.”

The 'Out Out' singer already described the LP as "gossipy and hardcore".

She told NME: "It’s kind of bitchy and gossipy and hardcore and very club feeling.

“It’s definitely one for the girls who like to party and sweat and rave.”

She continued: “I feel good about the music. Every artist says this about their new record, but I really do feel like this is my best music [yet]. I’m super excited.”

It also features a song about dealing with grief following the passing of her fellow pop pioneer and collaborator, SOPHIE, in 2021.

Charli told the outlet in a previous interview about the track 'So I': “It’s probably not as simply put as [a tribute] but there is a song on the record which talks about my relationship with SOPHIE. Essentially, dealing with grief is what the song is about. It’s very real. All the lyrics are things that I would text my friends – the kind of dialogue and the voice of this record is very conversational and very diar-etic for sure.”

'Brat' is due for release sometime this summer.