Mel B chatted to Olivia Attwood’s So Wrong It’s Right on receiving her MBE, domestic abuse, and Googling herself.

Mel B on receiving her MBE: ‘[The] Spice Girls don't have an MBE, I have an MBE for my work. Even when I was there William was like, so where are the others? Not here babe, I'm the only one getting an MBE – it’s just me and my mum. I could see he was looking around so then I had to explain it to him, and he was like, oh yeah, for all your stuff that you're doing with Women's Aid. And as he's pinning this thing on my chest I'm looking down realizing Victoria's designed my dress with a big slit so it's just tits!’

Mel B on why domestic abuse has got worse not better since the release of her memoir Brutally Honest: ‘It's getting worse I think because we don't feel safe with the Met Police, we don't feel safe reporting domestic violence. So it's gone into an epidemic. It was one woman a week got killed by a former partner or current partner. Now, the statistics have changed again and it's now two women a week and it predominantly does happen to women. It happens to men too. But I mean, if we don't do something about it and educate ourselves, our women, our powerful, beautiful, strong women, are just gonna be getting killed with no help or support. I mean, you've got refugees that women can go to, to seek like safety and shelter, but they're even getting closed down.’

Mel B on googling herself: ‘I did have to do that not so long ago to find out when I actually did get divorced, so I could know what lawyer to contact to get my divorce papers. So, useful if you forget stuff, or you forget how many kids you've got, or how old they are.’

Mel B on the mystery of Geri’s age: ‘No one knows how old Geri is. No one's seen her passport. I mean, we've travelled the world, but I still don't know how old she is. She claims she just had her 50th birthday, but I don't believe her.’

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