Washington’s own Erik Hansen breaks ventures forth from his band Fallen Angels as a solo act on his debut EP Seasons of the Wind, releasing 08/03/24.

Informed by the thrashy guitar Hansen discovered as a child through the likes of Nirvana and The Offspring, as well as the 70s and 80s influences like AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Metallica that found him later in life, Seasons of the Wind is an unapologetically rock EP through and through.

At 5 tracks long, Seasons of the Wind is the world’s introduction to Erik Hansen as a solo artist, and it is easy to hear the musician’s rich legacy running throughout. Tackling themes of space exploration, mortality in the face of illness, and the need to push on through all of life’s hurdles, the EP provides a wide range of topics for audiences to lock into.

The lead single, Send Me a Sign is inspired by, in the words of the artist, “all the petty BS a lot of people put us through in our day to day lives”. It’s the thrashy soundtrack to any stupid question you’ve been asked, anyone who has ever cut you off, and any last-minute job that’s come through 5 minutes before finishing work. Pulling from the world of 90s punk, Green Day and The Offspring influences mix with modern production for a rage anthem that feels like an instant classic.

While undeniably a rock EP, Erik incorporates elements of folk and poetry for a holistic project that’s sure to pull together fans from all corners.

Seasons of the Wind was co-produced by Erik Hansen with Pamela Moore (of Queensryche fame). Drums were performed by Chris Gohde (My Sister’s Machine, Accused A.D.) and pedal steel guitar on Horizon and Forever Dream were provided by John Hansen (father of Erik).

Fans can look forward to Seasons of the Wind’s release across all platforms 08/03/24.

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