Sony Music has been awarded more than $800,000 after a TikToker infringed its copyright.

The music industry giant issued a strict copyright takedown notice on the song 90mph by Arizona-based artist Trefuego in 2022.

The company then filed a lawsuit accusing Trefuego – real name Dantreal Daevon Clark-Rainbolt – of “the flagrant and deliberate infringement” of the 1986 track Reflections, released by Japanese composer Toshifumi Hinata (Hinata).

"Trefuego… simply stole Hinata’s musical composition and sound recording, using them without asking and without permission, all in flagrant violation of the United States Copyright Laws,” the suit read.

“Trefuego’s infringing conduct has and continues to severely damage and diminish the market for Hinata’s works by falsely inferring that he endorses and/or supports Trefuego’s use of Reflections in 90mh.”

Last year, a judge determined Clark-Rainbolt had infringed Sony Music's copyright.

This week, in a follow-up ruling, the same judge ordered the rapper to pay $802,997 (£636,000) – equivalent to around $700,000 (£554,000) in profits from streaming platforms, and $100,000 (£79,000) in Sony's licensing fees.

“The court hopes this case will serve as a $802,997.23 lesson for defendant in carefully selecting the materials included in his raps,” US District Judge Mark T Pittman wrote in his decision.