KT Tunstall wants to write music for her profoundly deaf brother.

The 'Suddenly I See' singer, whose 28-year-old younger sibling Daniel was born with the hearing condition, is planning to create some hi-tempo beats to please her brother.

KT said: "I've always wanted to write some music for Daniel, and find out scientifically what would be really pleasing to him. He loves beats. He tells me about these brilliant deaf raves he has been to, where all hearing aids come out and the volume is turned up."

Daniel, who had a cochlear implant fitted a few years ago to help him hear pitch, has started joining KT on stage during her shows.

KT said: "He played drums on stage at my last party. He is inspiring, he has absolutely flown in the face of adversity."

Although the siblings get on well most of the time, KT admits the pair fell out after she kissed one of his friends.

The 32-year-old Scottish star revealed to Britain's Sunday Times newspaper:

"He got really p***ed off when I kissed one of his friends a few years ago. I've always had a lot of friends, always got the spotlight. So Dan was just like, 'Oh f**k off. You've even taken my friends.' "