Demi Lovato has admitted she 'instantly' had a crush on fiance Jordan Lutes when they met.

The singer has told how the pair first met at a recording studio in 2022, and she knew immediately they had a connection.

"It's really hard to meet people these days," she told Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show. "So to be able to walk into a creative space, and find someone that you instantly had a crush on!'

She admitted she immediately texted her friends that the "hottest guy" just walked into the studio, asking for their advice on how to approach him.

Demi and Jordan, who is a musician, became friends before they became an item. Jordan has since co-written some of Demi's songs on her latest album Holy Fvck., including the tracks Substance, Happy Ending and City of Angels.

The couple announced their engagement in December 2023, after Jordan planned a "personal and intimate proposal," surrounded by their families.

Demi told Drew the couple love being together.

"The best part of being with Jordan is that we are able to be our goofiest selves together," she said.