Pearl Jam have unveiled their new LP, ‘Dark Matter’, and shared the thunderous title track.

Eddie Vedder and co have unveiled their 12th studio album, which is set for release on April 19, and shared the thumping lead single on streaming platforms.

The 'Alive' group recruited producer to the stars Andrew Watt - who has worked with everyone from Justin Bieber to Ozzy Osbourne - to oversee their follow-up to 2020's 'Gigaton' after he worked his magic on frontman Vedder's 2022 solo LP 'Earthling'.

The new album is guitar-heavy with their very own axe-slayer Mike McCready recently teasing in an interview with Classic Rock magazine: “We have a bunch of songs tracked.

"We worked with Andrew Watt, who’s a younger pop producer-type guy, but he’s really a rock guy at heart — I think we’re his favourite band. When we were in the studio with him this past year, he really kicked our a**es, got us focused and playing, song after song.”

He continued: “There’s the melody and energy of the first couple of records. Andrew pushed us to play as hard and melodic and thoughtful as we’ve done in a long time. I feel like Matt Cameron’s drumming has elements of what he did in [fellow grunge legends] Soundgarden.”

'Dark Matter' tracklisting:

1. ‘Sacred Of Fear’

2. ‘React, Respond’

3. ‘Wreckage’

4. ‘Dark Matter’

5. ‘Won’t Tell’

6. ‘Upper Hand’

7. ‘Waiting For Stevie’

8. ‘Running’

9. ‘Something Special’

10. ‘Got To Give’

11. ‘Setting Sun’