Taylor Swift's post-Super Bowl TikTok is both awkward and adorable.

The Welcome to New York singer posted a video of herself, her parents, and Travis Kelce partying at her boyfriend's post-Super Bowl 'Friends & Family' bash in Las Vegas.

Bathed in red light, with explicit rap lyrics booming from the nightclub speakers, the video panned across a huge, packed nightclub.

Next, a clearly elated Travis sticking his tongue out could be seen, before the camera swung around to show Taylor's mum and dad looking... awkward.

"It's a friends and family party they said," read a caption overlaid across the footage, suggesting Taylor and her parents were expecting something a little more sedate.

While Andrea, 66, and Scott Swift, 71, appeared to be taking the heaving, high-energy celebrations in stride, it was clear they were not exactly the intended audience for the party playlist.

And Taylor, clearly seeing the funny side, wrote perhaps the perfect caption underneath the video: "accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once."

American footballer Travis and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates had every reason to party hard.

After winning the 2024 NFL Super Bowl in comprehensive style, they became the first back-to-back Super Bowl champions in 19 years.