Magic Johnson believes Taylor Swift has brought a new audience to American football.

Whatever gets them in the door!

The former basketball great waxed lyrical about Taylor’s influence on the National Football League as he hosted Magic Johnson’s Mount Rushmore Super Bowl Bash ahead of the biggest event in the NFL’s calendar.

“It’s wonderful because now you got fans that probably were not watching the games or interested in the games watching the games because of her,” Magic, real name Earvin, explained.

“Travis is such an amazing tight end and player. She’s such an amazing and worldwide figure, so it goes hand in hand, him as a football player, her as a superstar artist and so, coming together, they’re the new power couple and good luck to him tomorrow.”

Funnily enough, Magic, 64, was not the first basketball legend to sing the couple’s praises this month.

Shaquille O'Neal, 51, also felt called upon to share his feelings about Taylor and Travis, at his Shaq’s Fun House pre-Super Bowl show on Friday.

“I wouldn’t give any advice to him. I’m not the expert on that,” Shaq said. “Hopefully they last forever and they get married and have beautiful children.”