Kim Petras has teased her next musical project.

After releasing her albums Feed The Beast and Problématique last year, the Unholy singer opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine about her next career moves.

Kim revealed that she was in "an experimenting phase" with a new persona, following on from her previous alter-egos: LA Kim, Failed Artist Kim, Sociopathic Killer Kim, French Language Kim, Sl*t Pop Kim and Strip Club Hottie Kim.

"I have a lot of depth that I've never expressed," Kim told the outlet of her burgeoning alter-ego. "And now it's time to do it."

Although she didn't reveal any specifics regarding her upcoming project, she did state, "I want to let you into the darker moments of my life."

The German singer explained, "My childhood felt very hopeless. I felt so outside of society and so made into an object because my identity was constantly talked about.

"It felt like I had to deal with a lot of things that kids don't have to deal with until they're much older. Now, I see the beauty in the darkness. And so for my future project, I'm going to try to talk about that."

The 31-year-old also revealed that she experienced a personal breakthrough with her Sl*t Pop Kim persona because it was freeing to talk about sex as if she had never struggled with it as a trans teenager.

"For me, growing up trans, all of that has been a big deal. Am I supposed to feel sexy? Does anyone think I'm sexy?" she said. "'No, you're the weird school freak' is buried into you if you're a trans kid."