Miley Cyrus has moved in with her long-term boyfriend, Maxx Morando.

Those close to the couple confirmed the pair are now living together.

"She is very happy with him," a source told People. “Miley has changed a lot in the past couple of years. She seems more calm and harmonious. Everyone loves Maxx. He’s a great guy. She is very happy with him. He’s private and doesn’t like being in the press. It’s been good for her.”

Miley, 31, first met Maxx, 25, around two years ago on a blind date.

"Well, it was blind for me and not really for him," she told British Vogue. "I thought, 'The worst that can happen is I leave.'"

The couple were first seen together in 2021 when Miley hosted her televised New Year's Eve Party. After the show, they were photographed holding hands and dancing to music backstage.

Maxx, who is a drummer for the band Liily, also contributed to Miley's 2023 album Endless Summer Vacation, with writing and production credits on the tracks Handstand and Violet Chemistry.