Mae Muller has split from her record label.

The 26-year-old singer represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 with the track 'I Wrote A Song' but finished in second-to-last place before releasing her debut album 'Sorry I'm Late' her debut album in September but it stalled outside the Top 30 and how she has reportedly parted ways with Capitol Records UK.

A music insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Everyone hoped that Eurovision would be the thing to propel Mae into the mainstream and make her a big star. It certainly raised her profile — but not for all the right reasons and it has been a very tricky year for everyone involved."

The insider added that Mae "struggled" to find a solid fanbase despite her mass exposure on the Eurovision Song Contest and even had to cancel her tour but claimed that the singer now feels as if she "compromised her artistic integrity" for the sake of the label so felt she it was time to leave.

The source said: "The label really tried to support her with her album but she struggled to muster up a hardcore fanbase and had to cancel her tour in the autumn because the demand wasn’t there.

“She feels like she compromised her artistic integrity for the label.

“But they feel like they did everything they could to turn her into a star, so it became clear the time was right for Mae to leave the label."

Mae - who recently left her management team and claimed she waned to "make music [she] actually liked - revealed towards the end of last year that she was having a stab at an acting career and had joined a new agency.

She tweeted: "SHE’S AN ACTRESS!!!"