Ariana Grande was supposed to release a very different video for Santa Tell Me.

The 7 Rings hitmaker met with a videographer from Spotify to take audiences on a tour of all the plaques and prizes she’s received from the streaming company for her music.

And Ariana revealed a tidbit about the video clip for her 2014 Christmas hit, Santa Tell Me.

The music video that was released, she admitted, wasn’t the version that was originally produced and intended for release.

“Funny story actually,” Ariana said.

“It was a backup video we did last minute with like, no budget, just to have something to put out because the original video, I was in weird Christmas lingerie and I was hitting Santa with a (candy) cane pole.”

Hilariously, Ariana went on to add she had been fixated on the concept for the video, against all advice.

“That was something that I was really insistent on,” she admitted. “I was like ‘That is the right vibe for this song. Believe you me, I know.’

“And the label was like, ‘Hey, honey, I don’t think we can use this.’”

The official video that was released featured Ariana and her friends dressed in cosy onesies, bopping their heads in a large bed as well as dancing in the living room at a Christmas house party.

And despite its low-budget look, Ariana said she was relieved that was the clip that went out to the public.

“I’m glad I was reeled in that time,” she admitted.