Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will appear in her new ‘visual album’.

The singer has hinted she and her husband are set to appear together for the first time since their ill-fated cinematic outing, Gigli.

Jennifer, 54, revealed only that she and Ben, 51, had worked together on parts of her new ‘visual album’ – but she remained tight-lipped about the project’s specifics.

“Obviously, he’s my husband and I love anything that we can do together, it’s a joy for me,” Jennifer said at the album’s launch, without elaborating on what, exactly, they did together for the production.

“That’s one of the secrets of the thing that we want to keep until people see it,” she explained. “We want it to be a discovery for people.”

The upcoming record, titled This Is Me... Now, will be accompanied by a full-length visual extravaganza, launching on Amazon Prime on February 16.

No doubt ‘Bennifer’, as they are sometimes known, are hoping this collaboration will fare better than their first co-working effort.

Gigli, which was released in 2002, remains regarded as one of the “worst films of all time”, retaining a 6% approval rating on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Friedman of Fox News declared it “the worst movie ever made".