A Taylor Swift superfan breaks world record by ID-ing 34 of her songs in less than one minute.

Bilal Ilyas Jhandir practised for 13 weeks before his record-breaking feat, memorising the lyrics from Taylor's entire catalogue.

He was tasked with finishing lines, on camera, as a pair of verified witnesses read snippets of lyrics out loud from a list of randomly selected songs.

"It was very difficult," Bilal, 20, told USA Today from his home in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, "because you had to listen to another person read the lyrics and they were pronouncing some of the words incorrectly."

He shot the video of himself completing the task in September 2023, and the team from Guinness World Records verified his achievement this month.

The previous record holder was UK man Dan Simpson, who in 2019 was able to identify 27 of Taylor's songs in the same time frame.

While Bilal is happy with his win, there's one other thing he would like even more - to see Taylor in person.

"My only dream, at this time is to meet her," he said.

"Or, at the very least, attend a stop on the Eras tour."