William Orbit wants to make another 'Ray of Light' album with Madonna.

The main producer behind the seminal 1998 LP, which saw The Queen of Pop, 65, head in an electronica dance direction, "dreams" of being able to work on a similar style of record with the 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker.

Studio wizard Orbit, 67, has recently delved into the 'Almost Gone: The Unreleased Songs From “Music"' compilation that was put together after the leftovers from Madonna's 2000 album 'Music' were leaked.

And he was so amazed by what he heard from that and some other tunes he has in his own "vault", he has become a “true” Madonna "fanboy", and would love to work with her again, but Orbit unfortunately admits it's "unlikely".

He began a lengthy Instagram post: "Cripes, where did this individual find all this? They know their stuff. Am really enjoying. Suppose all involved put it out there at one point or other. But I’d forgotten a lot of it. And prompted by that, have been turning up a few others in my vault.

"Thing is, M doesn’t really look back in that way, going forward, given that she can knock new hits out any time. and especially as she now has this totally immersive autobiographical tour thundering around the globe. With all the totally new music I have in the bag for my forthcoming ‘Strange Cargo X’ album, on Cargo Cult, and banging live material for the summer, I sometime close my eyes and dream of creating another ‘Ray of Light’ album with her, and with all her children, who are so ‘right’ in the mix. "The Hills are alive with the sound of the . . . Ciccone Family!”. With a little help from a Ferrari member (my maternal side). Ahhh. But with a tour till the Autumn, with Brazil now bolted on etc, that’s unlikely. It’s very hard graft, to do it every night and give it everything.”

Orbit also revealed he's starting a new series where he reviews media.

He continued: "But is weird that having been involved with her for so long, I’ve now become a true fanboy. In a way I wasn’t before. As in, that wouldn’t have been the optimal term to describe my appreciation previously, devout though it was. But it is now. A Stan! Since that show in Paris. Plus a bit of professorial rumination. You know what two human voices intrigue and captivate me most at the moment? both in terms of beauty, and nerdy waveform geekiness, it’s hers, and that of Vybz Cartel. There’s a book he wrote about 12 years ago I will be reviewing shortly btw. (sic)"