Taylor Swift appeared to perform an emotional tribute to the fan who died at her Friday concert when she resumed her Eras Tour in Brazil on Sunday.

The Shake It Off singer was left "devastated" after Ana Clara Benevides, 23, passed away on Friday after fainting and suffering a cardiac arrest before the singer's show due to the extreme temperatures in the Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro.

Taylor, who postponed Saturday's show due to the unprecedented heatwave, returned to the stage on Sunday and seemingly performed her heartbreaking song, Bigger Than the Whole Sky, in the fan's honour as one of her surprise songs.

The song, which details grief and heartache, contains the lyrics, "Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than just a short time / And I've got a lot to pine about / I've got a lot to live without / I'm never gonna meet / What could've been, would've been / What should've been you."

The 33-year-old did not say that the song was dedicated to Benevides, however, fans believe she chose the emotional ballad as a tribute.

After the sweltering temperatures of Friday and Saturday, Taylor performed in the pouring rain on Sunday.

"How lucky do you have to be to have 65,000 people dance in the pouring rain with you?" she asked the crowd. "I've never gotten to bring a tour to Brazil before and you've been so supportive to me ever since the beginning of my career. I love you so much and I'm so happy to see your faces tonight you have no idea."

Taylor will return to the stage in Rio on Monday night to make up for the postponed Saturday show.