Emeli Sande thinks she has "predicted her own future" with her music.

The 36-year-old singer has been writing songs since she was a child and has enjoyed major success in the music industry since she was in her early twenties but feels that it is only now that she can relate to her songs as she can "understand" what she was trying to say at the time.

She told The Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "It's so weird, it feels like my songs are predicting my future. I have songs that I wrote seven years ago - and when I sing them now, I am like, 'Oh this makes so much more sense now. Now that I am older I am able to fully understand what I was trying to say then. It's like the songs are leaving the reverse breadcrumbs."

The Brit Award-winning star has now released her fifth studio album 'How Were We To Know' and admitted that while she wants to "grow" as an artist, it can be tricky to "get the balance" when it comes to pleasing an audience.

But, she still enjoys playing classic tracks like 'Next to Me' and 'Read All About It' for the crowd because it makes her feel "confident" on stage.

She added: "'For me as an artist, I want to grow and try different approaches. "It's hard to get the balance because I will be like 'Let's do a jazz version' and then they will be so disappointed if the song they came to see sounds nothing like what they remember.

"But it's great to have songs that you know will be crowd pleasers. It makes me feel confident going on stage.'