Eddy Grant’s dad was still encouraging him to quit and train as a doctor a decade ago.

The ‘Electric Avenue’ hitmaker always wanted to be a medic when he was younger and although his father eventually “came to terms” with his decision to pursue music instead, he never gave up hope that his son, now 75, would change his mind.

He told Big Issue magazine: “My father came to terms with it in some way. He travelled with me across Europe sometimes when I was very young.

“But he died maybe 10 years ago and he went to his grave saying to me, look, you’ve been successful as a musician – you’re still young, you can still be a doctor.”

The former Equals guitarist admitted his wife has never got “overly excited” by his career achievements either.

He said: “If I could live any time again, it would be walking with my girlfriend, who would become my wife, along the high street in the Isle of Sheppey, and finding out ‘Baby Come Back’ was going to be number one.

“A couple of young lads walked past and one said, ‘Oi! Look at him! He’s the one!’. And I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He shouted, ‘You’re going to be number one next week.’

“So I went t a guy selling magazines and he gave me a Melody Maker and there I was with The Equals and it said we were going to be number one. It was quite a moment.

“My wife has not engaged with my music at all.

“She just looks after my business. She does not get overly excited about anything.

“So I didn’t jump up and down. But I was doing backflips in my head.”