Take That will release new album 'This Life' in November.

The 'Patience' hitmakers - comprising Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald - have confirmed they are back with new music, kicking off with single 'Windows' ahead of the release of their ninth studio LP on 24 November.

Speaking about the single, Gary told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “Being in your fifties is a good time to ask questions [of yourself].

“We’re human too, we have the same list of problems as anyone else, maybe just in a different order. That’s what this is about.”

Howard added: “It’s all relative to life. Underneath it all we all have kids, we all have problems, we have to sort things out just as anyone else does.

“I have it quite a lot and you don’t always like yourself.”

The trio have ruled out a return for former members Robbie Williams and Jason Orange in the foreseeable future.

Gary said: “The one thing I keep hearing is that Take That are coming back but there’s no Robbie and Jason.

“Robbie hasn’t been in the band since 2011 and Jason left in 2014.

“We’ve always said they’re welcome to join us but we’ve done about 600 shows since they were around.

“We’re a three at the moment and we’re doing OK.”

And the 'Never Forget' group found it "pretty special" to head off to the US to record the album.

Gary said: “It’s been years since it’s been just the three of us by ourselves. So that was pretty special.

“While we were recording in Georgia, we’d have breakfast together, just us, then get an Uber into the studio.

“We’d have a full-on two hour vocal session — a lot of work in a short space — and then go out to dinner together.”

Mark added: “This record was made in a different way. We went into the studio there was a band in the room all holding lyric sheets.

“The studio days started and ended with a bigger band and that was amazing. I think that comes across in the music.”

The group are set to announce a stadium tour for next year, and have got their eyes on a Glastonbury slot.

Gary laughed: "You need to be asked to do Glastonbury, you can’t sell yourself into it."

Mark added: "It might happen.

“In the past, we’ve had such big productions but now we do try to be a bit more mobile so I think we’re more prepared to do things like Glastonbury.

“Elton John did a great job this year. It would be great to experience it.”