Lorde has revealed she is suffering from heartbreak and a series of health issues.

In a candid email to her subscribers, the 26-year-old revealed that she had stopped taking medication for an undisclosed illness.

"The little yellow pill I took every morning for thousands of mornings since I was 15, I stopped taking it 5 days ago. Gonna see how it goes," she wrote.

Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, explained that she has been trying to teach herself to listen to her body and this has made her "fully aware" of all the times she neglected or ignored it and "took a handful of pills and pushed through".

Detailing her current health issues, Lorde continued, "My body is really inflamed, it's trying to tell me something and I'm trying to support it but nothing seems to help and I get frustrated. My gut isn't working properly, my skin is worse than ever, I've gotten sick half a dozen times."

In addition to the health update, the New Zealand singer emotionally revealed to her fans that she is "living with heartbreak again", leading fans to wonder if she is no longer with her longtime boyfriend, music producer Justin Warren.

"It's different but the same," the Royals hitmaker shared. "I ache all the time, I forget why and then remember. I'm not trying to hide from the pain, I understand now that pain isn't something to hide from, that there's actually great beauty in moving with it. But sometimes I'm sick of being with myself.

"I eat chocolate to try and manipulate the endorphins, bring back the sweet happiness of Easter morning. I sit in the time machine and wait for it to move, but it hasn't been invented yet."

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Lorde, who has been in London since May, revealed that she recently pulled out of attending Paris Fashion Week because "I promised myself I'd never be one of the people in the light smiling if it wasn't real".