Madison Beer likes to "take people by surprise" with her music.

The 24-year-old singer has recently released her second album 'Silence Between Songs' and explained that she was trying to allow her fans to go on a journey that was "intricate and a little weird" as they listened to the record.

She told British Vogue: "I mean, I think that people maybe have an idea of me, or of the music that I make... I’ve spoken to people, even in the industry, who assume that I make one type of music, and then they listen to it and realise it’s different from what they thought. I do like to do things that take people by surprise. And I think I’ve always gravitated towards songs that take you on a journey, that are intricate and a little weird and change things up as they go along. And that’s what I was really trying to do with the album as a whole."

The 'Home to Another One' songstress went on to add that with her sophomore album, she wanted things to have a more "retro" sound and she wanted her fans to be able to associate each track with a particular era in music history.

She said: "The [retro production] was definitely a huge factor. To me, that was super important. I mean, as you can see from what’s behind me [she gestures at wall of records], I’m a very big fan of music from every decade. And I think music that really stands the test of time is what I’ve been drawn to most, and so I wanted to capture the essence of that. I definitely did want someone to pick up the record and be like, What year is this from? That was kind of the goal."